Raising Money To Save Our Scruff With A Dog Photoshoot in Norfolk County

As a pet photographer, I love to give back to my community. Early this year, in 2024, I decided to give back to a remarkable rescue organization that has given countless dogs a second chance at life.

I wanted to celebrate this year's National Puppy Day by giving back while creating memories for you of your pets with a dog photoshoot.

border collie during a pet photoshoot in Norfolk County looking at the camera.
border collie at a dog photoshoot at Canadian Canine College

Canadian Canine College

This fantastic college is located in the heart of Norfolk County. It's an elite dog training school. I had been there before to drop off my pet photography business cards, so I reached out to them to have the mini-session held at their facility. 

Without hesitation, they wrote back, thrilled to have me there and support a great cause.

cockapoo at a dog photoshoot in Norfolk County
cockapoo lying down during a dog photoshoot at Canadian Canine College.

Pose For A Cause

Pose For A Cause was the idea I had to name the mini-session. It took 15 minutes for $35 a dog, and one hundred percent of the proceeds went to Save Our Scruff. I was thrilled that this mini-session was sold out, raising $280 for this incredible rescue.

Golden retriever pet photoshoot in Norfolk County.

Pet Photoshoot Session

All dogs were kept on the leash, and the leash was deleted on post with the magic of Photoshop.

I used treats and noises to get the dogs to look at the camera

golden retriever at a dog photoshoot in Norfolk County.
Golden Retriever standing at a dog photoshoot in Norfolk County.

As a thank you for coming, I gave a goodie bag with healthy dog treats from Pivot Dog Biscuits, a coupon from Tail Blazers, and a coupon from Bring Your Dog Cafe. Each dog received a dog bandana from Clouds Clothes. 

I love when small businesses all come together for a great cause.

bullmastiff dog photo in Norfolk County.


Next year, I will be hosting another Pose For A Cause Mini Session and looking forward to helping a rescue. 

bullmastiff pet photoshoot in Norfolk County.
bullmastiff looking away pet photo at Canadian Canine College.

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