Capturing Final Moments: End Of Life Pet Photography at Gage Park, Hamilton, Ontario.

Matisse contacted me on Instagram, asking if I was available the following day to do an end-of-life photography session of her beloved senior dog, Joker. 

As a pet photographer, a pet owner myself and a pet loss grief specialist, I will move mountains to accommodate you at the last minute because I know this photography session is important to you. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a senior dog or a terminally ill dog so we can discuss an end-of-life pet photography session in Hamilton and surrounding areas.
senior dog at a end of life pet photography session at Gage Park in Hamilton.

I learned from Matisse over a quick phone call that her life dog was scheduled to cross the rainbow bridge the following day. So I told her to meet me at 3 pm at Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario. 

dog and owner at a end of life pet photography session

During our dog photography session

During my Rainbow Bridge sessions, there are no time constraints. I go at your pet's pace, and Joker, a senior dog, had a little difficulty walking, so I ensured we didn't walk much. 

I captured many portraits of Joker, Matisse, and Joker together, her mom Michelle and Joker together, and the three of them together, so she has beautiful images of the lovely family they are. As an end-of-life pet photographer, I aim to create images you will cherish for years.

dog and family photoshoot at Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario.
a senior dog and his human at a Rainbow Bridge Session in Hamilton, Ontario.

End-of-life dog photos are special, and I also wanted Matisse to have detailed memories of Joker, so I photographed the paws, eyes, fur, and tail. These beautiful memories help us bring comfort in the time of grief.

paw of a dog at a End Of Life Pet Photography Session at Gage Park.
rainbow bridge of a senior dog at Gage Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

They also brought Joker's favourite toy, a bone, and McD's hamburger meals to the photo shoot. This celebration of life pet photography session was really special. 

Senior dog eating McDonald's at his Rainbow Bridge Session at Gage Park.
human feeding a senior dog McDonald's at his End Of Life Pet Photography Session at Gage Park
Senior dog with his toys at the End of life pet photography session at Gage Park

This session was filled with tears and laughter. They shared stories of Joker. We just sat there and talked for a bit, and I told them if they needed someone to talk to, I would be there for them.  

I was grateful and honoured to be able to do this photoshoot for Matisse and her family.

My End Of Life Pet Photography Sessions

human holding a senior dog's paw at a end of life dog photography session at Gage Park.

As I mentioned above, these sessions have no time constraints. I recommend a few locations for End-of-Life Sessions, especially if your senior dog has difficulty walking.

Although I always leave space on my calendar for these emergency sessions, please don't wait until it's too late to schedule a family and pet photoshoot. Having these beautiful memories of your pets is essential to celebrating your furry family member. 

End Of Life Pet Photography Cost

I have created packages for my clients with artwork included where they get the best deal. I offer three different packages and also a payment plan.

What a beautiful way to honour your pet through a dog photography session and create tangible memories.

Client Love

Senior dog at a Rainbow Bridge Photoshoot Session at Gage Park

“We loved our Joker, and wanted to do photoshoot before he passed. Sharon was so wonderful to meet us in short notice, and take the time to get great photos. She was cognizant of the lighting on such a grey day, and worked around our dog mobility issues to ensure he was comfortable. She knew that exactly what we were looking for. Thanks!"

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