Creating Variety In Your Dog Photoshoot at Jack Darling Memorial Park

I visited Jack Memorial Park, a new park in Mississauga, to capture the beauty of a black standard poodle, Mitsi. 
Mitsi mom swears that she is half-human. She's playful and kind, and she rocked her pet photography session.

black poodle playing at a beach in Mississauga, Ontario.

Mitsi showing her playful side at Jack Darling Memorial Park

I wanted to write about the importance of creating variety in your family and dog photography sessions in this pet photography blog.

As a dog and family photographer, I bring a unique perspective to your photoshoot. I strive to capture images that showcase your bond with your beloved pets, from tender moments to playful interactions. I understand the importance of every moment and aim to immortalize them in your photos.

dog and pet owner at Jack Darling Memorial Park

Here are my top 5 images to capture in your family and pet photography photo shoot

The Pet Portrait

As a pet photographer, I know this must be captured in your dog photography session: sitting, lying down, and standing. I know families love seeing the variety of poses that I capture. 

black poodle posing on a photoshoot in Mississauga, Ontario.

Mitsi posing beautifully at Jack Darling Memorial Park.

black poodle at a dog photoshoot in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Landscape Image

For some reason, pet parents always order landscape images in their artwork. Whether families are in the photos or just the pets, it looks stunning.

black poodle at a beach in Mississauga.

The Family Portrait

Being in the photo with your pet is essential; as a dog photographer and a pet parent, I cherish those images the most.

dog and pet owner during a dog photoshoot in Mississauga
pet and family photoshoot at Jack Darling Memorial Park.

The Walking Image

It captures something you do in your daily life with your furry companion. Whether you are walking towards the camera or walking away, I love to freeze that candid moment.

pet and family walking image in Mississauga.

Playful Image

I leave the excitement towards the end of your family photoshoot with your dog. Action shots can be tricky and require a lot of patience, but they're worth it. 

dog and family photoshoot in Mississauga at Jack Darling Memorial Park.

Some dogs love to tug, play ball, or do zoomies; those images are unique to capture. Some clients even bring their dog's favourite toy to the session. And these images are fantastic to have in a photo album.

dog action image at a pet photoshoot.
action shot of a dog in Mississauga, Ontario.

I hope you liked the variety I want to create in your portrait session. 
If you want to create memories of your pets and family, I would love to help you. Feel free to book my complimentary consultation, and let's design the perfect dog family photoshoot.

If you want to give a photo shoot session as a gift, Canovas Photography also offers gift certificates.

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Client Love

pet portrait of a black poodle looking at the camera at Jack Darling Memorial Park

“We had such an amazing session with Sharon, could not reccomend her more! Not only was she prepared for everything, she was so willing and ready to go with what my dog wanted to do in the moment. She is such a lovely person, I had a great time talking to her in-between photos, it really just felt like we were all hanging out together. My dog loved her so much she went to lie down beside her and cried when we had to say goodbye at the end of the session. I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed our session with Sharon, she is an amazing photographer, so you are bound to get amazing photos, and she's a great person, so you'll also have the best time!"

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