Dog Photographer creates memories for a dog dad at Lowville Park in Burlington.

I had a winter photo session with Nathan and his three beautiful Canadian Eskimo girls at one of my favourite locations to take my clients. 

The motivation behind this dog photography session was Nathan's deep desire to immortalize the bond he shares with his beloved pets. Recognizing that pets are part of the family, I was eager to help him capture these precious memories.

The Gorgeous Picturesque Park

Nathan's choice of Lowvelli Park was a testament to his appreciation of natural beauty. With its serene waters, majestic tree stumps, and charming nooks, this park provided a perfect setting for me to create unforgettable pet photos.

Canadian Eskimo dog lays beautiful posing at Lowville Park in Burlington

Our Session

The lovely dogs remained on the leash at all times.

a Canadian Eskimo dog posing at Lowville Park
A puppy Canadian Eskimo photoshoot at Lowville Park
A gorgeous Canadian Eskimo dog at Lowville Park

As a pet photographer, I have learned to delete the leash in post. The final photo without the leash enhances the final image, helping me create stunning artwork for your home.

Three Canadian Eskimo dogs at Loville Park

As always, I have plenty of treats, noises and toys to get the dogs to look at the camera. I gave the dogs plenty of breaks between their poses, ensuring they would not get bored and lose interest quickly. 

I posed each of them individually, the three together, each with their dad and the whole family. 

I hoped for snow on the ground for the three Canadian Eskimo dogs' outdoor photoshoot session, but Mother Nature did not cooperate. 

dog howling at Lowville Park in Burlington, Ontario
puppy photoshoot in Burlington, Ontario
capturing the connection of a dog and her human in Burlington, Ontario

This pet photography session was a snapshot of pure joy.

We all had a great time, and as a dog photographer, I was honoured to be able to create memories of his three beloved dogs for him.

pet portrait of a Canadian Eskimo dog in Burlington, Ontario
Pet photo of a Canadian Eskimo dog in Burlington, Ontario
Burlington Pet Photographer captures a puppy and her human

Pet Photography Packages

I have my Signature Session, which is perfect for those who want to customize their artwork.

Still, I have also created photography packages, including the most popular products, since my clients always purchase artwork. 

You can find all my session info right here.

You can go ahead and book your complimentary consultation using the button below so we can create the perfect session and stunning images for the wall of your home.

Client Love

a Canadian Eskimo puppy photoshoot at Lowville Park

“Great time and she was great with the dogs. Spot picked was perfect and professional"

Nathan connell
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