An End Of Life Pet Photography Session at Lowville Park, in Burlington.

I received a phone call from a past client, Tina, who said that her heart dog Nelly's health was declining, and she wanted to book an end-of-life pet photography session before it was too late.

Since this is an emergency session, I moved things around my schedule to accommodate this Rainbow Bridge Session.

senior dog session at Lowville Park in Burlington

Senior Dog Nelly posing for her photoshoot at Lowville Park

senior dog looking away at her mom at Lowville Park

Nelly is looking at her mom during her pet photoshoot in Burlington.

 As an end-of-life pet photographer, I take these photo sessions to heart; they have become my priority.

What's an End-Of-Life Photography Session?

The end-of-life session, or as I call it, Rainbow Bridge Sessions, is for pets that are ready to gain their wings due to terminal illness or senior pets.

Nelly is a senior dog with difficulty walking, so I suggested one of my favourite parks for this Rainbow Bridge Session: Lowville Park, located in Burlington, ON.

human hugging her dog at an end of life pet photoshoot in Burlington, ON

Capturing all the emotions Tina has for Nelly!

Senior dog resting at a dog mom's lap during a pet photography photoshoot at Lowville Park

Lowville Park 

1. Backdrop—This gorgeous water and greenery backdrop is perfect for me to create stunning artwork for your walls. Also, if you have a pet with difficulty walking, I can create several images with different backdrops in one spot.

2. Lighting—It is magical at 7 a.m. or 5 p.m. and has lots of shade, which helps me as a family and pet photographer.

3. Landscape—The park is mostly flat, so it's easier for your pet to walk. It also offers lots of shade, where your pet can rest.

4. Parking—It's close to the park, so your pet doesn't have much walking to do, and parking is also free.

human saying goodbye to a dog during an end of life photoshoot in Burlington

A family is not complete without a dog!

During The Session

Tina wanted her mom to join since she was close to Nelly.

Tina and her mom wore pink shirts, and Nelly wore a pink bandana. As Tina says, "Pink is Nelly's colour."

a dog family photoshoot at Lowville Park

The whole family comes together to celebrate their love for Nelly at Lowville Park

I went at Nelly's pace, and there was no rush in my Rainbow Sessions.

I captured the whole family together, each family member with Nelly, Nelly, and her sister, and lots of images of Nelly's portrait and the details shot that Tina loves so much about Nelly.

detail pet photography of a senior dog
detail image of an ear of a senior dog
human holding a dog's paw during a dog photoshoot in Burlington, Ontario.

Laughter and tears were shared in this session, but Tina and her family will forever have beautiful memories of Nelly.

They celebrated Nelly with my Mother's Day Package, which included a 10x20 Storyboard and a 10x10 Soft Photo Album. 

Human kissing a dog during a pet photography session in Burlington.

Why Should You Do An End Of Life Photography Session?

  1. Preserving Precious Memories: It can be heartbreaking when our pets reach the end of their lives. But getting a photoshoot done allows us to freeze precious moments and memories with them. These photos become treasured keepsakes that we can look back on to remember the joy and love our pets brought into our lives.
  2. Honouring Their Legacy: Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, and getting an End-of-Life pet photoshoot is a way to honour their legacy.

It allows us to celebrate their lives, unique personalities, and the special bond we share with them. These photos are a beautiful tribute to our pets' impact on our lives, keeping their memory alive even after gaining their wings.

a senior dog smiling at a end of life pet photoshoot in Burlington

Nelly is smiling for the camera during her Rainbow Bridge Session.

a dog kissing another dog during a end of life dog photoshoot

As our pets reach the end of their lives, it can be a very stressful time for us. I want you to know I'm here to support you through every step. Please don't hesitate to call me so we can discuss your session for your senior pet or your terminally ill pet.

Ready To Create Memories?

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