A dog photography session at Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario.

On a beautiful day in February, a pet photography session took place at one of my favourite locations in Burlington, ON, at Paletta Mansion.

Paletta Mansion

As a dog photographer, I love this location for family and pet sessions because it offers a variety of beautiful backdrops, from elegant architecture to stunning waterfront views. 

Paletta Mansion is gorgeous in all four seasons and allows me to create beautiful images all year round. Also, as a pet photographer, I love this location because it gives me the space to even take action shots.

a pet photography session at Paletta Lakefront Park

This handsome boy poses beautifully at Palleta Lakefront Park.

A dog photography session at Paletta Mansion Burlington
a stunning photo of a standard schnauzer at Paletta Mansion in Burlington

Scout - The Handsome Standard Schnauzer 

This two-time show dog Champion was so easy to work with. He was sweet and gentle and completely stole the spotlight at our session. 
He was kept on the leash at all times. I want my clients to have an amazing pet photography experience, and keeping their dogs on the leash allows them to relax and have fun. The leash was removed from the post.

A photoshoot session at Paletta Lakefront Park, in Burlington

This is the before picture!

a stunnting pet photohsoot at Paletta Lakefront Park

After editing

As always, I keep various toys to get the dog to look at the camera and treats to reward the model. Scout is treat-motivated, so getting this handsome boy to look at the camera was easy.

One of the toys that really got him going was the ball. I was even able to capture him chasing his favourite toy.

This session at Paletta Mansion was a beautiful way to celebrate Scout. From standing by the water to playful action shots, we created beautiful images. I was honoured that Alexandra chose me to be her pet photographer.

dog action image taken at Paletta Mansion in Burlington.
dog action shot at Paletta Lakefront Park in Burlington
a schnauzer chasing the ball at Paletta Mansion in Burlington

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