4 Reasons for Embracing Dog Action Shots In Your Dog Photoshoot

Dog action shots are one of my absolute favourites to incorporate in your pet photography session, but they're also very tricky.

It takes skills and patience—lots of patience. 

I have been able to practice my action shots on my dogs, Cisco and Tito. These two go crazy when they see a ball, and as a dog photographer, I have learned that photographing when dogs are having fun is fulfilling, and my clients love it.

schnauzers chasing a ball dog photography at Bernie Arbour

I love how my Schnauzers are always enjoying themselves at their favourite park in Hamilton, Ontario

When you book your consultation with me for your pet photography session, I always ask my clients, "Does your dog like to play ball?" 8 out of 10, the answer is "HECK YES"

Some clients have been requesting action images of their dogs during the session. Dog action shots have become one of my favourite parts of the sessions. I always leave that to the end; it's like rewarding your pets for being great models. 

Here are my top 4 reasons why, as a dog photographer, I  love capturing dogs' playful side:

1 Energy - Action shots capture our furry friends in their natural state, showing how lively and full of energy they are. It's like freezing a moment where they're happiest and most playful, bringing out their vibrant personality.

a photoshoot of a white golden retriever puppy playing with a ball in Hamilton, Ontario

2 Expressions—When we take action photos of pets, it's like pausing to catch them while they're doing something exciting. This way, we can see all the little expressions and movements that we might overlook in regular dog portraits where they're sitting still. It's like catching them in the act of being themselves. 

white golden retriever puppy catching a ball in a photoshoot in Hamilton, Ontario
two golden retriever playing ball at the Bernie Arbour Park in Hamilton, Ontario
dog action shot of a golden retriever during a pet photoshoot in Hamilton, Ontario

3. The Bond - Action shots show how pets and their people have fun together. You can see their happiness and connection as they play and enjoy each other's company. It's like capturing moments of pure joy and friendship frozen in time. As a pet photographer, I find that one of my favourite images to capture is the bond.

black german shepherd playing with his human during a photoshoot at Lowville Park
black german shepherd playing with a ball during his photoshoot at Lowville Park

4. Artwork - Creating artwork from action shots of your dogs, freezing them in mid-air, is something that lasts forever. I enjoy making tangible memories for you and your family to cherish every day. Whether it's a stunning floatmount or in a photo album, having a dog action shot displayed keeps those special memories alive and vibrant.

floatmount artwork of two cockapoo puppies playing during a photoshoot

In conclusion 

I love capturing your dogs living their best lives. It's rewarding to me as a photographer, and it's rewarding to watch you and your dog embrace the joy in my session. 

My Pet Photography Sessions

I offer different packages that include beautiful artwork. With these, you can have tangible memories of your furry friends so that you can cherish those zoomies forever. 

If you are looking for a pet photographer to capture those action shots, I would love to hear from you. Book your complimentary consultation so we can design your beautiful session.

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Client Love

two golden retriever playing ball at the Bernie Arbour Park in Hamilton, Ontario

“Sharon is an exceptional photographer! She captured the playful nature and inherent beauty of our two golden retrievers during a delightful afternoon session. Despite their boundless energy, Sharon skillfully documented every moment, resulting in a final product that exudes professionalism and showcases the unique personality and charm of Leo and Luna. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with Sharon’s work. If you’re looking to immortalize your cherished memories in stunning family portraits, Sharon is undoubtedly the photographer to trust. Her talent ensures that your memories will endure for generations to come.!"

Monica Malta
About the Author Sharon

Professional Pet & Family Photographer, Certified Pet Grief Specialist, & Professional Stunt Woman

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