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One of my favorite things about being a photographer is helping families capture memories that will last them a lifetime. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Mateo and his beautiful family to help celebrate his birthday.

Family photoshoots are the perfect way to create lasting memories and to capture the personality and love that your family has for each other.

family photoshoot Lowville Park

Celebrating Mateo's birthday with a photoshoot in Burlington, ON

What is a Family Photoshoot Like?

For Mateo’s photoshoot, we went to the beautiful Lowville Park in Burlington. Together, we went on a hike to capture different shots of the kids together and separately in varying beautiful scenery.

The family also brought along their dog, Oso, to make sure all of the family was captured in these photos. Oso rolled in the mud and jumped in the river, creating adorable photo ops for me to capture.

In photoshoots, I love to capture each family member’s personality, especially kids. Mateo loves Sonic, so — of course — we had to do Sonic poses.

Photoshoots are meant to be fun, and that’s exactly what this one was. Everyone laughed, and we all had a great time. Watching Mateo’s dad put the kids on his shoulders and interact with them was a beautiful experience and made me miss my own dad who’s in heaven.

They are a beautiful, happy family, and you can tell how much they all love each other—that’s the feeling that I capture in all of the photos that I take.

Why Get a Family Photoshoot?

For Mateo’s family, they wanted to capture memories while their kids were still kids. Life passes so quickly, and having photos from these special times in their family’s life can be the perfect way to look back on these memories when their kids are older.

Having both the printed photos and digital copies also means that, one day, they will get to embarrass their kids at their wedding with all of the memories they have captured—another big motivation for Mateo’s family.

A family photoshoot is a fun way to bond and connect with your family, capture memories that you can look back on for years to come and create beautiful photographs to display in your home.

lab in the water in Lowville Park, Burlington, ON

Ooo having the time of his life in Burlington, ON

lab dog playing ball in Burlington, ON

Ooo having the time of his life during his family & pet photoshoot.

mom and son during a photoshoot together in Burlington, ON

Mom hugging his lovely Mateo.

little boy celebrating his birthday, Burlington, ON

Mateo celebrating his birthday with Sonic poses during his photoshoot.

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