Capturing Memories for Cat Lovers: Hamilton’s Cat Photography Session

One frequently asked question I receive as a family and pet photographer is, "Do you do cat photography?"

The answer is "Heck Yes." 

As a pet photographer, I take immense joy crafting lasting memories for you, whether your family includes a goat, horse, or a beloved feline friend.

Recently, Stephanie from Team Wife Homestead booked a photoshoot with me. She wanted professional photos of their beloved feline companion because their son adores their cats.

They wanted these adorable images in his room, They wanted to create a gallery that reminds them of their son's childhood with their furry friend.

While I've been requested not to share photos of their son on social media or my website, which I completely understand and respect, I did capture some stunning images of their cats on their own.


A stray white and black cat showed up on their farm looking for food. Derek posed for his photoshoot like a pro, allowing me to create beautiful cat photos. Now adopted, he enjoys his new home on the farm.

Hamilton pet photographer capturing a beautiful image of a cat
Hamilton cat photography
Hamilton pet photographer captures a black and white cat


I brought some toys to play with Lentil, who was amazing during the photoshoot. Lentil's cooperation resulted in stunning cat portraits.

Hamilton cat photographer
Hamilton cat photographer at Team Wife Homestead
cat photographer from Hamilton, Ontario

Herring And Mackerel

These two kittens were adorable.

Their playful side made me laugh and completely forget about the time.

We played and cuddled. I took some really cute photos and action shots of them. 

cat photographer from Hamilton, Ontario.
Hamilton, Ontario cat photography
Cat photography from Hamilton, Ontario.

Capturing precious moments for Stephanie's family and their beloved cats has been a joy. 

Whether you have a playful kitten or a wise senior cat, I'm here to help immortalize those special memories for you, too.

Let's turn your vision into a stunning reality with a complimentary consultation.

Reach out today, and let's embark on your dream cat photoshoot together.

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  • These are sooo sweet. I love how you were able to get some silly photos along with the more serious portraits- cats can’t be easy to work with!

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