Preserving the Eternal Connection: Tux and His Human in End-of-Life Pet Photography

Last year, I had the honour of photographing a beautiful End-of-Life Session, or Rainbow Bridge Session, as I like to call it. 

Tux is an old soul, prompting his pet parents to look for a dog photographer. They wanted beautiful portraits of Tux and the three of them together. Erica and Herman also had a special request: they wanted a video of their session. I brought on my videographer, who is very compassionate towards the End-of-Life Session.

We went to one of my favourite places in the heart of Dundas, Ontario: a beautiful flower farm with various backdrops and colours. 

black pomeranian pet photography
end of life pet photography in Dundas, Ontario.
end of life pet photography

As a pet photographer, I love this location. It's quiet, and there are no other dogs or humans around. It's entirely safe for your pet. 

I always start my sessions by photographing the pets first, and then I ask pet parents to join in. I took many images of Tux and his parents in this photography session. I loved photographing their connection with Tux. 

His parents thought everything Tux did was the cutest thing. I am glad I was able to freeze those genuine moments of joy and love they share. And it was also all caught on video.

Erica told me that when she met Herman, he already had Tux. But for her, Tux was love at first sight; he became "mama's boy" instantly.

Erica and Herman wanted tangible memories to remind them of their connection and love with their beloved Tux. They were over the moon when they received the artwork at their home. I always personally deliver the artwork to my clients. Erica couldn't stop praising how thankful she was to have the video. 

end of life photography in Hamilton, ON
family and pet photography in Hamilton, Ontario.
end of life photographer

What to expect in your End-of-Life Session?

This session has no time constraints, and we will go at your dog's or cat's pace.

I have quite a few locations that are suitable for senior pets, but perhaps you want your photoshoot at your pet's favourite park. 

I'll create beautiful portraits of your dog and capture the entire family together, creating gorgeous, tangible memories. The artwork is a beautiful reminder of the strong bond and unconditional love you share with your pet, adding a touch of warmth and joy to your home.

dog photography in Hamilton, Ontario.
dog photographer in Hamilton, Ontario
dog photoshoot of Hamilton, Ontario.

Adding A Video

If you are considering in hiring my videographer to capture your photoshoot, please keep in mind that there is an additional cost. While it may involve extra costs, the memories captured through video will overflow with love and warmth, making every penny worthwhile.

If you have a senior pet or a pet that is ready to gain their wings, consider scheduling a photography session. It's a decision you'll cherish, as many before you have.

Photography has a special way of bringing comfort during difficult times like these. 

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  • Wonderful end of life images of Tux! It looks like a rather lovely area for Tux and his family to enjoy each other in their last days together. The video sounds like its a wonderful touch and remembrance for dogs that grow old.

  • Oh my gosh, that video made me cry. I love videos of dogs, they are so important to have, and this one of Tux is beautifully done and a lovely companion for their end-of-life pet photography session.

  • what a wonderful touch to be able to add a video option to your sessions. Beautiful images captured in this end-of-life session.

  • Well I’m crying my eyes out! Everything about this is beautiful and touching. The images are perfect and the video just adds an even more special touch. I adore Tux and I can tell that he had an amazing family full of love for him. What a wonderful tribute in end-of-life pet photography for Tux.

  • Wow, way to bring on the waterworks! Adding video to an end-of-life pet photography session is such a special and unique way to memorialize the bond pet parents share with their beloved companion. I’m so glad you were able to create such a special way for this couple to remember Tux even after he’s gone.

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