Through the Lens: Creating Stunning Bokeh Images with a Bernedoodle Puppy.

Here is one of the strongest reasons why I love being a Natural Light Pet Photographer


What is Bokeh?

The word comes from the Japanese language, which translates to "blur". Bokeh in photography helps the subject stand out, in my case, it helps your pet stand out, creating a beautiful background.

Bokeh dog photoshoot of a Bernedoodle

Bryon the Bernedoodle, stands out from a bokeh background.

Here are my 3 tips for achieving Bokeh

  • I love using backlighting and I only photograph at the golden hour.
  • I have two favourite lenses that help me achieve the beautiful, bokeh background: Canon RF 85mm f2 and the 70 to 200 mm f2.8
  • My aperture is always set at f 2.0 or at f 2.8. I Make sure that your pet is always in focus and the background is blurred.

Here is one of my Bokehlious photo sessions I did during the summer with a Bernedoodle.

Meet Bryron - this little cutie was absolutely a superstar during his photoshoot. His parents wanted to create memories of him, while he was still a puppy. 

If you are ready to create to create memories of your furry companion in a bokelious way, just message me for your complimentary consultation.

Byron's Parents Testimonial

Bokeh dog photoshoot of a Bernedoodle

"Sharon’s gift with the camera is truly unparalleled. Her patience and genuine love for dogs shone through during our session with Byron. Not only did she capture the playful spirit of my puppy with stunning clarity, but she also created memories we'll hold dear forever. Given the beauty of her work, it's no surprise we're eagerly looking forward to hiring her again in a few months. Thank you, Sharon, for moments turned into masterpieces."

Ellis B
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