Capturing Precious Moments: The Art of End of Life Pet Photography

I unfortunately, as a pet photographer I constantly get these emergency emails regarding End of Life Pet photography and they become my priority. I'll move mountains, accommodating you last minute to a photo session because as a pet owner, I know how important this is for you and your family.

Kelsey from Norwich, Ontario, contacted me, saying she found one of my cards at Canadian Canine College. She wanted to have beautiful family and pet portraits since she had two senior dogs, one with cancer. She expressed her concern before it was too late. 

I replied to the email immediately; hours later, we were doing our consultation for her photography session and booked our date. 

Two days later, I unfortunately received an email saying they had to say goodbye to Cheena. But they still wanted to go through with Sasha's photoshoot.

family and dog photography in Burlington, Ontario

Freezing cherished moments with the gorgeous Sasha and her adorable family in Burlington, Ontario.

During Our Photoshoot

Kelsey chose one of my favourite locations for an End-of-life Pet Photography Session.

As a pet photographer, here are three reasons why I love this park:

  • This beautiful park's lighting is soft and helps me create stunning portraits.
  • It's flat, making it better for your dog when walking.
  • You don't have to walk very much to get a variety of backdrops in your photos
end of life pet photography in Burlington, Ontario

Sasha posing beautifully for the camera!


This beautiful 12-year-old lady is deaf, so I had a few tricks to get her attention to look at the camera. 

  • Waving stick above my lens
  • I was having her smelling treats and walking away from her. Of course, I rewarded her after.
  • Showing her toys

The Family

They talked about how they missed Cheena. Laughter and tears were also shared in this session. I asked them what made Cheena so special, and Maverick, the enthusiastic little girl, replied how smart and fluffy Cheena was. 

There is no doubt Cheena is missed.

family and dog photoshoot in Burlington, Ontario

The Moments

I captured lots of stunning portraits of Sasha. Images of the whole family together and each one of them with Sasha. Just like we discussed during our consultation.

dog photography portraits in Burlington, Ontario
dog pictures in Burlington, Ontario
senior dog photoshoot in Burlington, Ontario


I knew at one point I was losing her. Kids tend to get bored quickly, so I try to include them, making them feel important by asking them to be my little helper. 

I asked Maverick to wave the sick above my camera, and if she cooperated, I would give her cupcakes when I delivered the products. Cupcakes work like a charm every time. I haven't had one kid who has not cooperated in a photoshoot when I mention cupcakes. 

dog photography of a senior dog in Burlington, Ontario

When is the best time to get your End Of Life Pet Photography Session?

Let me start by saying I call my End Of Life Photoshoot, Rainbow Bridge. I like the sound of it better. 

There is nothing like taking your family and pet photos like the present moment.

I have had Rainbow Bridge Sessions, from a two-year-old with heart issues to senior dogs.

Unfortunately, we don't know how long we have with our pets, and they play such a significant role in our lives, bringing us joy, being a great companion and giving us unconditional love. 

dog and family photoshoot in Lowville Park
Dog Photoshoot in Lowville Park

Pets are family!

Don't wait until it's too late or an emergency arises to capture these precious moments with your beloved pets.

Book your session Now, and let's create memories you will cherish forever!

Kelsey's Testimonial

Dog Photoshoot in Lowville Park

"Sharon was fantastic! She was very patient, both with my 7 year old daughter, and with my senior, deaf dog who would rather wander around and sniff things than stop and look at the camera. I'm surprised she was able to get all the amazing pictures she did! Thank you so much Sharon, we will cherish these pictures forever ❤️ "

Kelsey Jardin
About the Author Sharon

Professional Pet & Family Photographer, Certified Pet Grief Specialist, & Professional Stunt Woman

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  • Wonderful end of life session. I love how you captured Sasha with her family as well as lovely images of just her that can be cherished long after she has departed to the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Omgoodness it gets me every time when I hear a story about this – just days from being able to capture those precious, last moments together with your senior dog. I’m SO glad they decided to go ahead with Sasha’s images, anyways. I know I get so sentimental when I know that end-of-life time is near. I want to capture EVERY detail and and moment and pet photography is such a great way to make extra special memories and have something to remember them by at the same time.

  • Oh, that’s so sad about Cheena passing before the session. I feel like that is such a punch in the gut that takes the wind out of me when that happens. It just makes me so sad when the family doesn’t have an album or wall art to look at every single day to remind them of how lucky they were to have that dog in their lives.
    Senior dogs are a special gift and end-of-life pet photography is so important to provide for your clients.
    These are beautiful images of Sasha and her family. I’m sure they will cherish these forever.

  • My two most recent photo sessions have been with senior dogs. I am always so honored to do these end of life pet photography session with the families who love their dogs so much.

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