All Who Wander Flower Farm: Hamilton, ON Pet & Family Photographer

One of my favourite things to do is to find a new location. I love hunting and stumbling upon new places that takes my breath away. This year I found a hidden gem, a beautiful flower farm “All Who Wander Flower Farm.”

This flower field is assured to bring a smile to your face! 

Dalmatian posing for the camera in the flower field in Dundas, Ontario

Ruby, this gorgeous Dalmatian smiling for the camera.

The colours are vibrant, rich and I love how it helps my subject stand out. You get the sense of serenity when looking at the photos. Besides the beautiful colourful field, this flower field offers me different spots where I can place my subject, allowing me to still be creative. 

Dalmatian with the sunflowers in All Who Wander Flower Farm

Ruby, this beautiful Dalmatian was born to model.

The lighting is best in the evening, giving the beautiful soft, glow look. 

Dalmatian posing at All Who Wander Flower Farm

Gorgeous Ruby, knows exactly what to do for the! At All Who Wander Flower Farm

Get in touch so we can create your dream session in this beautiful flower field!

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