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When I photograph a family and their beloved dog, the environment is very important to me. I believe that the background is a major element for these two factors:

  • It helps me tell a story
  • It helps my subject shine

At least twice a month I am out scouting for the perfect new location and I always take these factors into consideration:

  • Lighting
  • Beautiful little spots for me to pose your dog,
  • Crowds of people

But not all parks make the perfect location, especially when you are photographing a dog.

I was surprised when I went to Gage Park, in Hamilton, ON definitely a park I have taken for granted that is just ten minutes away from me. 

Gage Park definitely offers me the three elements I always look for when I am scouting for a location.


I went to Gage Park early morning and the lighting was flattering to my subject. Some spots even offered backlighting, which is something I love in my photos. 

french bulldog posing with tulips at Gage Park in Hamilton, ON

Stella, this stunning French Bulldog poses beautifully at Gage Park in spring time.

Beautiful Little Spots

I loved how the tulips bloomed, so I definitely took advantage of that, posing the dog behind the tulips and between the tulips.

The Crowd

As a pet photographer I try to find a park that isn't so crowded, and in Gage Park early morning there is barely anyone. That was definitely a bonus in my books. 

dog mom and her dog sitting Gage Park in Hamilton, ON

Stella, this beautiful French Bulldog and her mom poses beautifully at Gage Park, Hamilton, ON.

The only downfall that I found was that I wish the fountain was on, but I heard that is a hidden miss and I wished they had more tulip gardens. 

I will be definitely scouting Gage Park again in June, to see what other flowers they have, and I will be back scouting in the wintertime.

I am sure they have more little hidden gem spots that I haven't found and I definitely want to find them with my camera lens.

Are you considering getting your photos taken with your pet? Is Gage Park the perfect park for you? 

Don’t hesitate to contact me so I can create memories of your pet and family for you.

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