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As a pet photographer, one of my jobs is to find new locations. There's nothing more exciting when I find the perfect backdrop for my client's four-legged friends. 

One of the parks that I discovered this year is Gairloch Park, located in Oakville, Ontario. It's definitely safe to say it has become one of my favorite parks to take clients. Not only offers free parking, but it's also a convenient location for a few of my clients.

french bulldog looks over a rock on Gairloch Gardens in Oakville, ON

Pepe, this handsome French Bulldog knows how to rock a photoshoot

I went to Gairloch Gardens in early May of this year, so there wasn't much green or flowers blooming, but still had an abundance of beautiful spots for me to pose my Frenchie model. 

Although Gairloch Park is pet friendly, my supermodel Pepe remained on the leash at all times, the leash was deleted on post. 

French Bulldog at Gairloch Gardens in Oakville Ontario

Pepe, this heartbreaker enjoyed his pet photoshoot at Gairloch Gardens

Gairloch Gardens reminds me of one of the reasons why I love being a natural light photographer, and it’s because Mother Nature offers stunning backdrops.

Pepe, poses masterfully at Gairloch Park, in Oakville.

I am definitely looking forward to going back to this gorgeous park, to see their beautiful gardens fully bloomed.

This is the ideal garden to create a beautiful pet photo shoot.

french bulldog posing in Oakville

So many beautiful spots at Gairloch Gardens

french bulldog at Gairloch Gardens

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