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Ottis is a charming doodle that I had the pleasure to photograph early this year and let me tell you, what a delightful experience it was to create memories of Ottis for his parents, so I decided to blog about it.

We went to Paletta Mansion, in Burlington, Ontario early morning. Paletta is one of my favorite places to take clients, offering many gorgeous backdrops of gardens and waterfront. 

It was a cold day, but that didn't stop us from having fun, especially Ottis. His playful, loving personality (traits of doodles) stole my heart. 

We wandered through Paletta Mansion park, I posed Ottis at some of my favorite spots where the lighting was just perfect.

doodle posing on a wood at Paletta Mansion, Burlington, ON

Ottis, a charming Doodle rocks his first pet photoshoot at Paletta Mansion.

As a dog photographer, I love to capture a variety of photos for my clients.

I had Ottis with his two paws placed on a downed tree, I did close-up portraits of him, full body photos and we even did some action shots of him playing with a toy ball that I bring to my photo sessions. He rocked every pose, modeling definitely comes naturally to this boy. 

Ottis's parents couldn't stop singing his praises, saying how good he is with kids, how smart he is, and how truly he is a member of their family, so naturally,  I captured photos of the three of them together. They are indeed a beautiful family. 

Towards the end of our session, this charming golden doodle went straight to the bag I carry with treats and toys. I knew exactly what he wanted...the ball that he played with during the session.

So of course I gave him the ball and treat bag. His tail wouldn't stop wagging with happiness and his parents were appreciative of my gesture. As a pet photographer, I carry a bag with squeaking toys, treats, and balls to get your dog to look at the camera, I tend to always lose a toy at the end of my sessions.

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