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This blog is dedicated to my first dog Duquesa - a stray dog from Brazil that has taught me what it’s like to have high standards.

To my second dog Oscar - that has taught me the true meaning of companionship.

To my third dog Katie - that has taught me the meaning of sweetness.

They all have crossed the rainbow bridge leaving paw prints in my heart, but I know they will greet me in heaven with wagging tails.

End Of Life Session Pet Photography

When I receive a phone call regarding the End Of Life Session, it means the pet parents’ world is falling apart because their beloved dog’s life is coming to an end. It means pets are preparing to depart due to age or illness.

Soon the pet parents will be hiking alone

No dog to greet them at the door

No dog barking at the mailman or noises of their nails on the floor.

The dog bed will be empty.

Not a noise in the backyard, they will be no bark, just quiet sounds of the wind.

That is the most heart-wrenching feeling, that I have experienced three times and I know I will be going through it again.

End Of Life Session becomes my priority. I change my schedule around just to accommodate your needs. It is a session I do not take lightly and as a pet parent myself I know how important this is to you.

senior dog photoshoot Aurora, Ontario

Beautiful Lexi rocks her photoshoot session!

The Consultation

We may not have time for a consultation depending on the condition of your pet, but if we do, I’ll ask questions about you and your dog. I want to get to know how your dog has changed your life. What are his or her quirks? Favourite treat? I’ll remind you to bring his or her favourite toy to the session. Tell me your dog’s most silly moments.

What’s your dog’s favourite park? Maybe that is where you want to go for the photoshoot.

I’ll customize your session from what you tell me, so I can create the most memorable photos for you to cherish.

The Photoshoot

Our session will proceed at your dog’s pace without any time constraints.

I aim to capture the deep bond and joy between you and your fur baby, preserving beautiful portraits and memories that will comfort and reconnect you with meaningful moments.

End Of Life session in Guelph, ON

Celebrating Cleopatra with a beautiful photoshoot.

Pet Grief Specialist

As the first pet photographer to be a pet grief specialist in the Halton, Niagara, and GTA regions, I am honored that you have reached out to me.

One of my reasons for becoming a pet grief specialist was to be able to help my clients better in their most difficult moments - anticipatory grief.

The time when everything is confusing, and you might be easily irritable or angry. Feeling lonely and sad.

I am here for you

Even after your photoshoot session, photography artwork has been delivered and you are having a hard time. Just know that I am here for you, you can pick up the phone any time.

In fact, I’ll text or call to check to see how you are doing. I won’t let you go through this alone. You hired a photographer that understands what anticipatory grief is, and I am here to comfort you.

Golden Retriever posing with roses in All Who Wander Flower Farm, Dundas, Ontario.

This stunning lady, Chloe posing on her End Of Life Pet Photography Session.

One Last Network

Last year I joined One Last Network, it's a group of professional pet photographers helping and servicing pet owners when dealing with a loss or aging of a pet.

They have great podcasts that can help you when dealing with anticipatory grief or after your pet has passed.

Saying goodbye to the soul that has loved you unconditionally can be devastating, but I am here to give you a shoulder to cry on.

Please get in touch if you are in this situation with your dog. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Let’s create images that will comfort you for years to come.

Pet Grief certification, Hamilton, ON
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