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If you follow pet accounts on social media that bring smiles to your face, then you definitely follow this little guy, Bacon.

A miniature schnauzer that thinks he is a giant. And indeed he is a giant, his loving, fun personality lights up any room. 

I had a chance to meet Bacon at the Canadian Pet Expo, I knew who he was from his walk...extremely confident! Bacon and his mom, Tiana stopped by my booth to say hi.

I was excited to finally meet a fashionista that kept me entertained during the pandemic. 

Tiana took time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions about life with Bacon.

Bacon, pet influencer in High Park, Toronto, ON

Bacon, this handsome Schnauzer strikes a pose at High Park in Toronto, ON

What is like a day in Bacon's life?

Our weekdays are generally pretty low-key. I'm usually working from home so he's sleeping or playing independently. On the weekends, we explore dog-friendly places in the city and he's generally welcome to hang out with my regular human friends too.

What inspired you to dress up Bacon & to design yourself some of his clothes?

Our previous family dog Teddy didn't like to be dressed up at all, not even a collar but the first day I we got Bacon, I put him in a sweater and he acted like normal and it didn't bother him. From there, his closet grew. I enjoy dressing him because you can see that he loves it too. He's proud of all the clothes that he wears, especially the ones that I make. Making them was a pandemic project that kind of spiraled. I didn't know how to sew at all before March 2020.

What has been the most rewarding part of what you do?

We do so many things! I think the most rewarding part is the genuine joy you see in Bacon's eyes whether he's in a photoshoot or doing therapy work. 

The most challenging?

Not letting yourself mentally burn out. Content creation can be kind of exhausting, but at the end of the day, I try to remember that the most important thing is that time is fleeting and not to forget to just spend the moment with each other. 

Describe your relationship with Bacon?

If I had one word to describe it, it would be a partnership. I don't do anything that makes him uncomfortable and I make sure that he has been trained to be confident in different environments and props. He's also free to express his opinion (which he does) so it's a two-way conversation. I even taught him how to talk with buttons and believe it or not he asks when he wants his shirt changed! My favourite thing is when strangers tell me they can see how much Bacon loves me and vice versa.

How do you think you have created a community among other dog moms and dog lovers?

We're pretty much ourselves online and offline so we connected with a lot of people we met over the years on IG. I even flew Bacon to LA to meet up with some of his influencer friends and to go to a meet-up with 100 schnauzers.

Do have any tips for anyone that is trying to get their pet to be a pet influencer?

Find something that you and your dog genuinely enjoy and make that your niche. It could be fashion, food, hiking, or traveling. The most important thing is that you both have to be having fun! 

black schnauzer poses in front of a graffiti wall in Toronto

Bacon, this handsome Schnauzer  just rocks the streets of Toronto, ON 

What is one accessory that Bacon cannot live without?

If we're talking accessories, definitely his custom-made Bacon fanny pack from imadethatbag. They also design for the famous Tika the Iggy. 

Spending time with Bacon and his mom Tiana, was a great experience. From meeting them at Canadian Pet Expo to meeting them at High Park in Toronto, I loved capturing Bacon loving personality and witnessing the bond Tiana and him share.

Bacon definitely knows how to strike a pose and of course I paid him with treats, lots of treats.

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