Love and Laughter: Family and Pet Photography Session in Mississauga

Alex booked a complimentary consultation after meeting me at the Canadian Pet Expo. Alex and his wife, Sonja, wanted a family and dog photoshoot before their first baby arrived. 

Two dogs are posing in Mississauga, Ontario, for a pet and family photoshoot.

Rosie and Teddy posing for their first pet and family photoshoot!

The Beautiful Mississauga Location

Parking is free and close to the park where we start our session.

humans kissing their dogs during a family and pet photoshoot in Mississauga.

Alex and Sonja loving their dogs during their photoshoot

pet portrait of a yellow lab

A Yellow Lab, Rosie, smiling amidst the flowers in Mississauga

Australian Shepherd posing during his pet photoshoot.

Capturing pure joy with Teddy in a Mississauga garden.

They were drawn to one of my most serene and picturesque locations for their pet family photos. This spot offers a tranquil setting with its old fence, lush green and open areas, rocks, and a hidden beach. In the summer, it's a riot of colour with seasonal flowers, adding to its natural beauty.

I can create images with various backdrops for your pet and family photography session.

The couple is posing for their first family photoshoot in Mississauga.

Sharing a look in the heart of Mississauga.

A family and pet photoshoot in the heart of Mississauga.

A beautiful family portrait in Mississauga, Ontario.

The weather was perfect that day for their photo session; it was not too hot or cold, and the flowers were starting to bloom. 

This was also a maternity photoshoot session for Sonja. The couple wanted images of her pregnant with their fur babies, so I took many pictures of just Sonja to celebrate her first pregnancy and beautiful pet family portraits.

two dogs staring at a pregnant woman during a photoshoot

Dogs lovingly gaze at expecting mom.

a maternity portrait in Mississauga.

A serene maternity portrait among vibrant flowers.

maternity photoshoot session in Mississauga.

Sonja's maternity glow shines beautifully among flowers.

a candid moment of a couple laughing during a photoshoot

A candid moment by the beach, celebrating the journey to parenthood.

We finished our photo shoot with action shots of their dogs. Their dogs love chasing the ball, so we had fun watching them. 

a dog chasing the ball during his pet photoshoot in Mississauga.

Teddy's playful spirit shines as he chases his favourite ball during our pet photoshoot!

Yellow Lab running during our pet photoshoot.

Rosie in action during our lively pet photoshoot!

Their dogs always remained on the leash, even for the dog action shots.

yellow lab at a beach in Mississauga during her photoshoot.

Rosie lounging on the beach, striking a perfect pose during her dog photoshoot.

dog posing during a dog photoshoot in Mississauga.

Teddy is relaxing by the beach during his dog photoshoot, looking lovingly at his owner.

Sonja gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Elena, a week after their photoshoot.

If you are looking for a family photoshoot with pets, please don't hesitate to contact me. Book your complimentary consultation so we can create beautiful memories.

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Client Love

A family and pet photoshoot in the heart of Mississauga.

“I had a wonderful time with Sharon, who did a great job at making us feel comfortable during our photoshoot. Very kind and friendly and love dogs just as much as we do. The photos came out AMAZING! I highly recommend choosing Scanovas Photography for your next shoot! You won’t regret it!"

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