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I get constantly asked, "How did Canovas Photography come about?" 

It started during the pandemic.

Thank you to the pandemic we all had the gift of time to learn or try something new. I decided to pick up my Rebel camera, which had been in my closet for years ( I have now updated to a Canon Mirrorless), and drive around the farms in Hamilton, ON to photograph horses. When I wasn't in the car driving around looking for farm animals, I was home photographing Cisco and Tito. 

highland cow photography in Norfolk County

In the heart of Norfolk County is where it all started.

I needed an outlet for my depression, it was getting worse being at home. So Donny came up with the idea of going for car rides to see animals. As an animal lover, I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Cisco and Tito would join us for a car ride, we drove for hours at least once a week, scouting for horses and cows.  Every time I would see a farm animal I would get excited. The little kid in me would come out. 

We would park the car on the side of the road and I would go near a fence to photograph the animal. 

After countless hours of driving, I finally found a hidden gem in the heart of the countryside of Haldimand, Norfolk County. 

I remember getting home and writing an email to the farmer asking If I could photograph their animals, keeping my distance due to covid.

Her answer was yes! I was thrilled. 

Upon arriving at the farm, Taylor was more than happy to show me around and tell me about her horses and cows and how she got it all started.

a foul feeding from her mom in Norfolk County Equine Photography
equine photography in Norfolk County
farm photography Norfolk County highland cow

We spend hours talking, it's as if we had been friends forever. 

I owe it to Taylor, for taking a chance on me to photograph her beautiful animals. 

I also owe it to Don, for never giving up on me. Even at my worse.

I didn’t know what I was doing with my camera or the editing, all I remember is the feeling of being happy. Photography just made my soul happy.

Since my photography business has grown, I have had requests from clients to have their photos taken with the highland cows and horses. It is one of my favourite locations. 

This beautiful farm has also become my therapeutic place, where I can just go, stay quietly in the field amongst cows and horses, and watch them with gratitude for my business.  

female with sheeps and lambs farm photography Norfolk County
little girl with her horse norfolk county
horse among sheep in Norfolk County

Have you ever had your photos taken with lambs, highland cows, or horses?

If you want your photos taken at this beautiful farm with these majestic animals, just contact me.

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