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I met Kyia at a Craft Show, Pet Pawlooza, in Brantford, ON, where I was one of their vendors. She stopped by with her friend to talk with me regarding my service, End Of Life Pet Photography.  

She expressed to me how Moe was twelve years old, and he was all she has. 

Kyia told me how she has many cell phone photos of Moe but nothing that she can put on her walls or even of them together. So she signed up right away for my End Of Life Pet Photography Session.

During Our Consultation

During my Pet Photography Consultation, I ask my clients many questions so I know exactly how to design the perfect dog photoshoot and I get to know your dog and your relationship with him/her.

Kyia made me aware that Moe couldn't walk very far and needed lots of rest. So when scouting a location I kept these factors in mind.

  • Parking had to be close to the park because of Moe’s condition

  • Lots of shade so he could rest

  • A Park where Moe didn't have to walk far and I could still create a variety of photos. 

And I found just the perfect park in Burlington, ON.

Kyia also made me aware during our pet photography consultation that she really wanted photos of him sitting and standing, that he only sits for a slip second, but if I could capture that, it would mean a lot for her.

end of life pet photoshoot in Lowville Park, Burlington, Ontario

Celebrating Moe with a beautiful End Of Life Pet Photoshoot.

During Our Photo Session

Moe greeted me with kisses, such a sweet old soul. 

I made sure to give Moe lots of breaks. He was definitely a trooper and such a great model.

I made sure to document lots of portraits of him standing, I also took lots of photos of Moe and his mom together.

During any of my End Of Life Pet Photography Sessions, I love capturing the beautiful bond, the love you both share and the love that exists between these two is truly magical. 

To watch through my lens the way Moe looked at his mom in adoration, and wagged his tail every time she said his name or gave him treats, it was definitely something beautiful to witness.

dog photography in Lowville Park, Burlington Ontario

Sweet Moe, rocking in his photoshoot in Burlington, ON

Why should you do an End Of Life Photoshoot Session?

As a dog mom myself, I understand how pets are more than just animals.

They are family members

They are our companions, our best friends and they provide us with so much love, teaching us the meaning of loyalty and they help us get through our difficult times. However, as much as we wish it wasn't true, there's a time when we have to say goodbye to our best friends. 

It's never easy to come to terms that our dogs are reaching the end of their lives, in fact, I find it to be heart-wrenching. 

Booking an End Of Life Pet Photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate the bond between you, create lasting memories, and transform those memories into stunning artwork so you cherish the joy they've brought into your life. 

Don’t wait until tomorrow, seize the opportunity to celebrate your senior dog’s life today.

human playing with a dog in Lowville Park, Burlington Ontario
end of life photoshoot in Lowville Park
senior lab in Lowville Park

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