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As a pet photographer I am constantly highlighting and photographing other people's dogs, this year I promised myself that I would celebrate my Cisco and Tito more. 

As a proud dog mom, I can easily say that my dogs are my best friends, every woof truly brings joy to my life. So I just wanted to highlight what makes my BFFs so special and how I celebrate them.

We Chill

Cisco and Tito just love to hang out with me, no matter how I look, or what I am doing, they just want to be by my side. Following me from room to room and watching everything I do. Never leaving me feeling lonely. 


The silly moments of rolling on the grass or the mischievous behavior bring joy to me. Yes, even their mischievous behavior. Their goofy, playful personality never leaves a dull moment in our house. 

schnauzers chasing a ball dog photography at Bernie Arbour

I love how my Schnauzers are always enjoying themselves at their favourite park in Hamilton, Ontario

The Love

The unconditional love we share for each other is just special. That is why every moment spend with them I just want to make the best of it. 

How I celebrate them 

Their Joy

I love playing with them. I make time to play in the backyard in the sprinkler with Cisco and Tito, they just love playing in the water. We play ball, take them to the beach, and hike. We are constantly doing what brings joy to their lives and watching them being happy also brings joy to my life.

Through My Lens

Also this year, I promised myself that I would make time to photograph them at least once a month.

Documenting Cisco and Tito's milestones is really important to me. Unfortunately, they won't be around forever, but I know one day I'll look back and be grateful for those images.

schnauzer in a tulip field in Niagara On The Lake


I have found myself creating more artwork of images I have taken of Cisco and Tito to decorate our home. I think having beautiful, large images of my dogs on my walls screams that they are part of my family. 

Tangible images of my fur babies are a constant reminder that every day with them is a gift and a reflection of the love we share for one another. 

Cisco and Tito bring so much joy and love into my life, it's only fitting that I would return the same to them. I love creating memories with my BFFs, either in the backyard playing in the sprinkler, or with beautiful artwork displayed on my walls.

dogs artwork from Canovas Photography

How do you celebrate your dog? 

If you want to celebrate your BFFs through photography, consider me as your pet photographer. Let's celebrate your furry companion through beautiful images and gorgeous artwork. 

Let's preserve the love and joy they bring into your lives.

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