Fitness Matters, but Don’t Undervalue the Power of Healthy Veggies for Your Dog

Exercising your dog is vital. 

  • it's great for their mental health 
  • keeps their bones and joints strong
  • reduces blood pressure

Is just a few benefits why exercising your dog is a need. But your dogs well being involve more than just exercise-it's also about what they eat.

In this blog I'll share my top five favourite veggies that my dogs love. These veggies aren't just tasty, they also contribute to your furry friend's well-being.

Here are my top 5 healthy vegetables that I feed Cisco and Tito 

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My Black Standard Schnauzer patiently waiting for his command to eat his treat - cauliflower.

Cauliflower - can be a beneficial addition to your dog's diet as it offers a range of nutrients. It provides a healthy dose of fiber, along with essential vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and folate. Eating cauliflower helps your dog stay healthy by supporting their eyesight, blood, liver, muscles, and immune system. It also keeps their colon, weight, and digestion in good shape.

Broccoli - Broccoli is packed with essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and potassium. These vitamins do great things for the heart, bones, and immune systems of dogs.

Sweet Potato - Sweet potatoes rank second on the list of fiber-rich vegetables. Adding fiber to a dog's diet helps promote regular and healthy poops.

Celery - is often suggested as a weight-friendly treat. It's low in fat and cholesterol while being high in fiber, vitamins A, C, and K, folate, potassium, and manganese.

Green beans - are packed with vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, vitamins B6, C, K, and A. Plus, they provide your dog with a good amount of fiber.

Remember, it's important to give your dog veggies in moderation. Too much of any vegetable can mess with their nutrition and harm their health.

How I feed Cisco and Tito Healthy Veggies

Cisco and Tito eat kibble twice a day, but I also treat them to a small portion of healthy veggies and meat snacks.

I boil different veggies for my dogs throughout the week without spices to provide diverse nutrients.

Sometimes I add meat, such as boiled chicken breast or boiled bison. I keep a small portion of their meat in the fridge, and I freeze the remainder for the following week.

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Boiled Bison and Boiled Veggies: Broccoli, Carrots and Cauliflower.

Remember, your dog's daily exercise matters, but don't overlook the importance of healthy veggies in their diet.

What are your dog's favorite veggies? Feel free to share in the comments!

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