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Are you considering hiring a pet photographer to photograph your family and pet? Do you feel a little overwhelmed about how to choose the right pet photographer for you and your pet?

Pet photography is becoming such a popular genre in photography that photographers have been adding pets to their portfolios, so I figured I would write a blog to help you choose the right pet photographer.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right pet photographer.

Pet Photographer vs The Everything Photographer

A pet photographer specializes in and understands animal behaviour.

They are constantly studying animal behaviour to understand how to capture your dog's/horse's unique personality, and how to pose your pet.

Just because you see dog images on a photographer's website it doesn't make them a pet photographer.

They might be great at branding, wedding, or baby photos, but can they really capture your dog's unique personality and the bond you both share?

You would hire a wedding photographer to capture your wedding day and hire an infant photographer to capture your baby's first few days. Hiring a pet photographer to capture your beloved pet is just as important.

Pet Photography Style

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor? Urban photos or park settings? Perhaps your dog loves the beach and you want action shots of him or her swimming. 

Do you want the photographer to use props?

Do you like the studio images better than the outdoor images?

Do you like how the photographer edits the photos? Do you prefer the leash removed vs with the leash on?

Do you prefer the moody photo-edited style? I have noticed some photographers will make the photo look pinker, dark or a little green. Do you prefer light and airy images? Or do you prefer to stay true to the color of the photo?

I personally stay true to the color of the photo, I don’t like my dogs looking a little pinker or green.

Check the photographers that you are considering a website and their social media to see their work. Do you love their style? Can you see their photos on your walls?

Norman, a handsome fella looking posing masterfully in Norfolk County

The Business Model

Will the pet photographer offer a Consultation? Where it's a great opportunity for you to address or ask questions about any concerns you may have. Also, discuss the vision that you have for your photo shoot session, so the photographer can pick the right location for you.

Will your photographer help you with what to wear? How to get your dog ready for a photo shoot session? Did the photographer ask questions about your dog?

Photography can be quite an investment, will they offer you a payment plan?

These are also things to consider on how to pick the right photographer for you.

The Digital Vs Products

As a pet photographer, I love creating artwork for my clients. I provide high-quality products from professional photo labs.

I design photo albums, storyboards, and other wall art in addition to offering digital files. I love providing my clients with beautiful, unique artwork for the walls of their homes.

Perhaps you want a beautiful photo album for your coffee table, that you can cherish for many years to come. We can totally design that together.

Maybe you just want the digital files delivered in a gallery for you to download.

Maybe in the future, for you to print it yourself. Just make sure your photographer will know how to recommend quality photo labs where you can print your photos or create the artwork you desire.

Ask yourself “what do I want to do with my photos?

artwork Floatmount from Canovas Photography

Floatmount Artwork is one of my best sellers

dog photo album

Photo album are just magical.

The Budget

The budget for pet photography depends on these factors:

Location: some photographers will try to match the price of other photographers.

Experience: some photographers that have been around for a long time, will charge more.

Photography is an investment, and that is why I choose to offer my clients a payment plan. You can pay me in installments or everything up front. You choose what is easier for you. 

Things to remember

But just remember something when you are shopping for your pet photographer, it's not about who's the cheapest but about the quality of the images.

It's important to check the photographer's website, their social media, check their google review, and don't be afraid to ask questions. 

Don't forget to ask yourself. "Do I love these images?" "What do I want to do with my photos?" 

Remember, every photographer offers a different business model and a different experience. It's important to discuss the price, or any request you may have and it's crucial for the pet photographer to understand animals. To make sure your beloved pet will feel comfortable and safe. 

Taking all these factors into consideration you can find the perfect pet photographer for your family and your pet. The photographer will give you the WOW experience and create beautiful memories.

senior pet photoshoot Norfolk County

Beautiful sunset lighting.

The Canovas Photography Experience

I am more than just picking up the camera and taking pictures of you and your dog.

I am all about giving you a great experience. 

I'll take time to get to know you, your family, and your dog. To know exactly what you want out of the images, what kind of scenery you want, and what you wish to do with the images. 

Your family and pet photoshoot is customized to your needs and wants. 

I also love creating artwork. I provide high-end beautiful artwork, that you may not be able to get anywhere else. 

Once the artwork is finished I'll deliver the artwork. I have clients from Aurora to  Brantford, Burlington, and Hamilton and I have driven them to deliver their beautiful pieces of art. My clients even get cupcakes or flowers. Everything is customized to what they love. 

I am also a pet photographer that understands animal behaviour and is constantly studying animals and photography so I can offer the best service to my clients. 

If this is the service you seek, send me an email or give me a call.

Let me help you create beautiful memories for you and your family of your beloved pet.

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