A Healthier Choice for Your Dog: An Interview with The Bark

While there are a lot of dog treat brands on the market, there are few that truly focus on your pup’s health. If you have a dog with allergies, your selection becomes even smaller. 

Where can a health-concerned dog parent find healthy, tasty treats that work for their dog, regardless of dietary restrictions?

That’s why I was so excited to chat with Rae Spiteri, owner of The Bark. She makes baked and dehydrated dog treats using local, sustainable ingredients—and they just so happen to also be my dogs’, Cisco and Tito, favourite treats. 

Read on to learn more about how her business started, what makes her dog treats different than other brands, and how you can get some of these delicious and nutritious treats for your own pup. 

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Rae, the owner of The Bark

When did you start your business?

I started making dog treats in April 2021!

What inspired you to start baking healthy treats for dogs?

My original business model in 2020 was to open a doggie daycare. After several roadblocks, I decided to temporarily pivot to dog treats and ended up getting into the process and finding it fulfilling. 

While developing my recipes and choosing ingredients, I was conscious of common allergies. One of my dogs, Finley, has an issue with wheat. I wanted to be able to make healthy and tasty treats that she and other dogs with dietary restrictions could enjoy!

the bark dog treat

What sets you apart from other dog treats out there? 

My tagline is “Baked and Dehydrated Dog Treats made with Local and Sustainable Ingredients.” I take pride in creating quality and limited ingredient products. 

Being a truly local business that works with other local businesses is important to me. From sourcing ingredients from farmers, butchers, and breweries to the locally owned stores where my products are sold.

What would you like people to know about your business?

I’d like people to know that…. I have big plans for my little company! I’ll be adding new products and flavours, while continuing to grow and be more widely available in locally owned stores throughout Canada.

the bark dog treat

Cisco and Tito's favourite dog treats

What charities have you worked with?

I like to get involved with my community. I’ve worked with The Youth of Thorndale on a few occasions, helping to raise money for their dog park initiative. I'm always happy to donate to charity auctions and raffles for a worthy cause.

Want to Try the Bark Treats for Your Own Pets?

Find The Bark on Facebook or Instagram, or check out Rae’s website to purchase dog treats for your pups.

On her website, you can learn more about her products, find her retail partners, and receive free shipping on orders over $60.

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  • This was a wonderful interview with The Bark. I think Lili would like to try beef liver and blueberries. It looks like a healthy dog treat she could tolerate eating and I could use this as a high value treat, since she loves liver.

  • Oh wow, I really love that we’re moving toward a market with more healthy dog treats with sustainable ingredients. These sound fantastic!

  • What a great local resource for sustainable and healthy treats! The Bark is certainly a wonderful find! Such a nice idea to hold an interview with owner Rae.

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