Why Autumn Is My Favourite Time Of The Year For Family And Dog Photography

It's that time of year when Starbucks brings back my favourite muffin, cream cheese pumpkin and vibrant red and yellow leaves create a stunning backdrop for fall photography. 

Here are my top 4 reasons why autumn is the perfect season for a photoshoot session.

1. Your Family Christmas Cards - One great reason to choose a fall family and pet photoshoot is that you can use these pictures for your Family Christmas Cards. The colourful fall backdrop and cozy vibes in these photos make them ideal for sharing the holiday spirit with your family and friends.

Fall Family and Dog Photography, Hamilton, ON

Capturing the magic of fall and sharing Christmas spirit with your loved ones.

2. Temperature - Autumn's mild weather ensures that everyone, including your four-legged companion in the photoshoot, can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience without the discomfort of extreme heat or cold. This pleasant climate sets the stage for capturing wonderful moments together.

pet and family photography in Lowville, Burlington

This is my very first client Sam. His mom wanted photos in the fall, in Burlington, Ontario.

3. The Colours - In autumn, the vivid red, yellow, and orange leaves form a stunning natural backdrop. This burst of colours not only enhances your photos' beauty but also adds a warm and rich quality that makes each picture stand out and leave a lasting impression.

4 - Perfect Lighting - In the fall, the sunlight isn't too harsh, which is perfect for capturing great family photos with your dog. It gives a nice, warm glow to your portraits, making everyone look their best.

Dog photography in Lowville Park
dog photography in Lowville Park, Burlington

If you are ready to create memories of your dog and family this fall just hit the button below. 

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