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The city of Hamilton, ON is known as The Hammer and Steeltown for its industrial and murals. This vibrant city is home to a lot of growing artists, a city that is full of energy day and night. 

Hamilton has some really cool spots to hang out, rich diverse culinary scenes, art galleries, lots of local shops, and coffee shops that you can even take your dogs.

 Definitely, a city that is underrated.

I decided to take Cisco and Tito to help me highlight my favourite spots in Hamilton, Ontario and I am glad I did, because this gem of a city make a great backdrop to pet photography.

The Cotton Factory

This industrial building is from the 1900s now is a home for film production offices, photography studios, creative workshops, and a great place for you to exhibit your artwork. 

schnauzer at Cotton Factory Hamilton, ON

My handsome schnauzer poses masterfully at The Cotton Factory.

The Cotton Factory has built a creative community, a place where artists at all levels get full support. From time to time I definitely attend the exhibition of photographers or other artists. You can definitely be inspired by their work or the building itself, which offers some shady areas, great for pet photography.

The Collective Arts Brewing

Who doesn't like cold craft beer? 

Known for its different flavors of craft beer and hip designs on its cans. The Collective Arts is also a place that supports artists. Sometimes you can find your favorite local band playing or your favorite local artist's exhibition. 

This gem is also known for its murals, it has definitely become one of their attractions. 

Oh did I mention you can bring dogs? Yes, dogs are allowed on their patio or inside the brewery.

schnauzer at Collective Arts Brewery

Cisco, this handsome Black Standard Schnauzer makes the best model at Collective Arts Brewery

Locke Street

You can find something to do on Locke Street day or night. It has become a destination for those who love local shops or local coffee shops. 

It has a rich diversity of culinary restaurants, offering seafood on the go to fine dining restaurants. 

They even have some restaurants where dogs are allowed on the patio. 

Of course, they have murals on several walls, highlighting Hamilton's local artists. 

black standard schnauzer at Collective Arts Brewery

My little Tito, this little Black Standard Schnauzer shows off his profile at Collective Arts Brewery

Next time you are in The Hammer, check out these cool spots, you might get inspired by an artist or two.  And don’t forget to bring your furry best friend along!

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