From Stray To Supermodel: Capturing the beauty of a rescue.

As a devoted dog photographer, my passion for animals goes beyond capturing their precious moments, as I have also dedicated myself to helping dogs in need.

When I heard that Save Our Scruff,  a remarkable animal rescue organization, was collecting donations for their gala event, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass by. I eagerly jumped in, not wanting to miss the chance to help them make a difference. I was happy to donate my Signature Session to this amazing rescue organization that helps dogs in need globally.

Our Consultation

I was thrilled to find out that Sehr, my bidder helps dogs in need herself. She travels around the world to spay & neuter dogs in third-world countries. But what Sehr couldn't stop talking about was Pablo, the rescue that has stolen her heart. 

She shared with me that Pablo was originally meant to be a foster, but she couldn't bear to part with him and ended up adopting him herself.

Our Photoshoot

We went to one of my favourite locations in Mississauga, ON that offers a variety of backdrops. 

Pablo, a rescue from the streets of Mexico, proved to be a superstar during his first pet photoshoot with his mom. I had the joy of capturing the beautiful bond they had already created together.

This lovely rescue Pablo was an incredibly sweet and a natural model during the photoshoot. He earned plenty of treats for being a good boy.

In conclusion, the photoshoot with Pablo was a delightful experience for everyone involved. It brought joy to see him being such a sweet and cooperative model, earning treats along the way. As a pet photographer, I was not only happy to create lasting memories for his pet parent but also grateful to contribute to a dog rescue organization like Save Our Scruff. The event's success in raising $15,000 will undoubtedly make a significant impact on dogs in need, helping them find their forever homes. Together, we celebrate the power of love, compassion, and photography in making a positive difference in the lives of these precious furry friends.

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