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It’s no secret that dogs add so much joy, love, and happiness to our lives. Their loyalty, affection, and companionship make our lives better every day, but dogs offer so much more than that.

Dogs have so much to teach us about life—we just have to learn to listen.

schnauzers playing at Bernie Arbour

Cisco and Tito having the time of their life at Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

Here are 6 key lessons that our dogs can teach us. 

Find Joy in the Little Things

Dogs can be amused by the most seemingly mundane things: a walk around the neighborhood, saying hi to a stranger, or eating a treat they’ve had a million times before.

We could all be better at living in the moment, being present, and feeling grateful for all of the small moments of joy in our everyday lives.

See the Best in Everyone

In our daily lives, we tend to assume the worst in people, whether we know them or not. To a dog, however, everyone is a potential new best friend, and everyone has the best intentions.

A dog doesn’t care who you are, where you come from, or how much money you make. A dog only cares that you’re a kind stranger with love to give.

Love Unconditionally

Speaking of love, dogs are the best at loving us despite our flaws. They give their love freely without ever expecting anything in return, and isn’t that the way love should be?

Dogs are also experts at showing their love every day, no matter how long it’s been. They’re a great reminder that we should show our appreciation to our loved ones, even if we think they already know.

Be Open to All of Life’s Adventures

Dogs know how to seize the day—they’re always up for an adventure, no matter what it is. They can make an adventure out of a trip to the pet store or a hike through the woods.

Like our dogs, we should say “yes” to more opportunities. We never know what exciting adventure could come our way!

Family Can Be Anyone

Perhaps the most important lesson that our dogs can teach us is that family is what we make of it. Our dogs may not be our blood, but they love us like family.

One of the most exciting aspects of life is getting to surround yourself with the people that bring you joy and make you a better person. Sometimes, those people include friends and mentors who become family over time.

Everyone is Different…And That’s Beautiful!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and every one of them is as beautiful, sweet, and loving as the next. We love our dogs, no matter what they look like, but we don’t extend ourselves the same grace.

If you wouldn’t judge your dog for it, why would you judge yourself? Dogs are a great reminder to celebrate what makes us unique and to love ourselves the way they love us.

What Will Your Dog Teach You?

Many times, as dog parents, we can be focused on teaching and training our dogs to give them the best life, but they also teach us something new every day.

Take the time to listen to and appreciate your pup—you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

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