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When you see beautiful photos of other people’s dogs, it can seem intimidating. You may have a high-energy dog that struggles to sit still or a pup with a prey drive that loves to chase squirrels. How can you get your dog to pose the way other dogs do for photos?

The secret to many great dog photos is having your dog on a leash!

With the magic of Photoshop, a few tasty treats, and some on-leash fun with their pup parent, any dog can become a model and pose for photos that will last you a lifetime.

3 Reasons I Love Using a Leash in My Photo Sessions

It Keeps Your Dog Safe

Safety is always the most important thing for me during photo sessions. Being off-leash for many dogs, especially if we’re taking photos in a new location for your pup, can be dangerous. They want to explore, and your dog may wander off.

Having your dog on a leash keeps them secure and safe by your side, so you can enjoy the photo sessions without that worry.

It Helps You and Your Dog Relax

When your dog is on-leash, you know where they are at all times, and you know that they’re safe. Without those worries, you can relax and enjoy the photo session with your dog.

Having your dog on a leash helps to create a better atmosphere, and when you’re relaxed and having fun, your dog will be too.

I love creating a safe, fun environment for all of my clients so that the only thing you need to do is bond with your dog—then I can capture the beautiful expression of love and happiness on your dog’s face.

It Helps Me to Pose Your Dog

Having your dog on a leash also gives you and me more control over the photos and the way that your dog will pose.

Many dogs are more focused when they’re on a leash, so you’re able to coax them into new positions easier—although treats and toys are also great incentives!

“Won’t the Leash Be Visible in My Dog’s Photos?”

Having your dog on a leash for photos may seem strange, but through the magic of Photoshop, I remove the leashes for the final photos.

Most of the beautiful pet photos that you’ve seen online of other people’s pets were all edited to remove the leash. Your photos will appear as though your dog has simply posed in a photogenic way, and no one will ever know there was once a leash in the photos.

Excited to Book a Photo Session for Your Dog?

I know that your dog is like family, and I want to capture them like family in photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. Our pups are never with us for long enough, but professional pet portraits are a great way to create new memories that you’ll remember forever.

To set up a photo session for your pet, contact me today!

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